Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm drowning

in a sea of school work, that is.

To do this week:
1. Proofread 138 research papers
2. Sort and deliver all 98 Rock the Arts t-shirts to our school plus our 3 elementaries
3. Put together the Rock the Arts poetry book (40 pages back to back) and make 50 copies
4. Meet with others in my department to choose materials for next year's new reading class
5. Make sure all grades are up to date for interims reports due tonight
6. Stay one step ahead of my students

Can I say that I'm a little stressed?? No time for blogging!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Something I forgot

in last night's post, which I just read and it sounds like I'm really complaining, is that three other teachers and I have signed on to be theater advisors. We're not having a Drama Club per se, but our district does have money set aside for theater productions. There are three schools in our county and our kids have participated in the other schools' plays because we didn't have them. None of us even knew this money was there.

I am really excited about this. We've picked a play for this fall called "Frumpled Fairy Tales." It's a kids' production that has "Rumplestilskin," "Rapunzel," and "Little Red Riding Hood." I can't wait. We're going to have a meeting before school is out this year to see how many are interested.

If any of you have done theater and have suggestions, please feel free to contact me!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Has it been almost a month?

Time goes by fast. I've been so busy at school that I haven't had time to do much blogging.

G1 is having his first sleepover tonight. His 10th birthday is next week. 10. A decade. Where have the years gone? More about that next week.

I don't expect to get much sleep tonight. So far the activities have included football, cornhole, wrestling, pizza, more wrestling, a Guitar Hero battle (complete with a bracket), American Idol singoffs, cake, and indoor flashlight tag (it's raining). These boys are definitely not quiet about anything they've done. G1 is having a blast, though, so I don't mind. I am tired. It's 11:12. About an hour past my weekend bedtime.

I got my yarn in to finish my Boogie vest. I've only worked on it a little. Too many papers to grade.

I've had a lot of trouble keeping images in my sidebar. They keep disappearing and a box with an X shows up in their place. I don't know what to do!!