Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Favorites Meme

I borrowed this meme from Dr. Girlfriend:

The “Favorites” Meme
1.Political show – I don't watch political shows.
2. Picnic food – Peanut butter and jelly
3. Mixed drink – Water with Crystal Light lemonade packets
4. U.S. President – Abraham Lincoln
5. Kind of student to teach – Enthusiastic, motivated sophomores
6. Hobby you do or wish you still did – Knitting, of course.
7. Sports commentator – Bob Costas
8. Sport to watch on TV – I'll watch football for a few minutes if forced
9. Animal to have as a pet – Cat, though I settled for a dog for the kids
10. Halloween costume you have worn – clown
11. Kind of dessert – Some sort of brownie a la mode with hot fudge
12. Comic strip – I don't read comics, either
13. Style or make of footwear – Usually my Birkenstocks knock-offs
14. Ice cream flavor – Coffee or cappuccino
15. College or university president – Gordon Gee??
16. Internet news source – Fox News
17. Vacation spot – Somewhere where I can sightsee and shop
18. Wine – Not really
19. Way to waste time instead of working – Talking to Mrs. Boyd next door
20. Student excuse for late work – They usually don't even bother with an excuse.
21. Reality show – Hell's Kitchen
22. Jewelry on a man – Ugh! No way! Especially pinky rings. Ugh!
23. Pizza topping – MMM. I love pepperoni and onion if it's cooked long enough to be crispy. I love BLT pizza, too.
24. Children's movie – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder)
25. Celebrity you wish would retire – Madonna

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