Monday, December 21, 2009

Modifications to the Alpaca Earflap Hat

Modifications to the Alpaca Earflap Hat--Be warned--this is my first time writing instructions out.


1. I reversed the design on one earflap so that the open part of the "claws" or whatever you call the design would both be toward the face.


2. I double knitted the earflaps.  Based on previous experience, I knew the earflaps would stick out like Pippi Longstocking's hair in just plain stockinette, so I decided to try double knitting them.  I had never double knit before.  The process itself wasn't so hard, but when I threw in the reversal of the design and the whole thing gave me fits.  It took two days to knit the two earflaps.


This is a chart of the right earflap in double knitting.  I can't figure out how to number the rows beside the boxes.  The bottom row is Row 1 and so on like usual.  I increased the black on its knit side by knitting in the front and back of the stitch.  I increased the gray on its knit side by casting one on using backwards loop.  The right side is the black side.


        KB=Knit Black

        PB=Purl Black

        KG=Knit Gray

        PG=Purl Gray






 This is the left earflap. The black side is the right side here, too.  I hope this is right.  The "claw" is facing the other way.  Reversing this and double knitting is one of the hardest knitting things I've ever done. 




3.  I changed the arrangement of the cast-on stitches.  18 stitches for the front was REALLY not enough.  I ended up casting on 38 stitches for the front and 32 for the back.


4.  I changed the top decreases and added an I-cord top.  In black only:

        Round 1: Knit even

        Round 2: Knit even

        Rounds 3 and every odd row thru 17: [K4 K2tog] repeat to end

        Rounds 4 and every even row thru 18: Knit even   

        Rounds 19 and 20: [K2tog] repeat to end  


5.  To stop the front and back from curling, I picked up stitches, knitted in garter stitch for 2 rows, and then bound off.


IF/WHEN I knit this hat again, I will make the following changes:


1.  Knit first 2 or 3 rows in 1x1 rib to stop the stockinette curl.


2.  Use size 7 needles after the earflaps because the hat is a tad too tight.


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