Friday, February 2, 2007

Extra Credit

As many of you have found out, I am officially out of pencils in the classroom cup. So, for extra credit, you can bring in 4 10-packs of pencils for 10 points. This will be due Wednesday, February 28. Write your name on each package to be sure you are credited for them. Please take advantage of this, even if your grade is usually good no matter what. Don't wait until the end of the nine weeks to worry your grade. This will be the only extra credit offered this grading period besides your restroom passes.


CC8131 said...

Hey Mrs. B!!!
How are you doing? Thanx fro the comment...u know i had to represent the KNITTING CLUB..come one now..haha. So what did i miss today at school (friday), i kinda didnt come.. im sick:(....ill ttyl

Kim Beaumont said...

We worked on "The Canterbury Tales" pilgrims. Hope you're feeling better today. Both of my kids are still sick. See you Monday.