Monday, November 26, 2007

Back Home

We got back from South Carolina yesterday afternoon. Traffic was not bad at all. A lot of people were travelling, but the cars moved steadily. There was no stop and go. The great thing about the trip is that I only drove 2 of the 8 hours on the way down and not at all on the way back. I got a lot of knitting done. These first two pix are of my Jaywalkers. The second sock always seems to go faster than the first for me and these socks knit up very fast. I'm going to give them to another teacher at school. Her dad passed away a couple of weeks ago and she's been feeling pretty low.

The third pic is my Jaywalker/Chevron scarf. The yarn is Deluxe Chunky LP from Universal Yarn Inc. I love the color combination, but the yarn itself irritates me. I started the scarf and after the first two stripes, the yarn just quit. Literally. It was like it was torn apart. I put the two stripes aside and started the scarf again. After three stripes, the yarn had a huge knot in it. I haven't had any problems since, but those two were enough. Anyway, the pattern is from the Jaywalker sock pattern. Instead of knitting even every other as in the sock, I purl. Easy peasy!

Still working on the Tweedy Vest...almost to the neckline!!

We had a great visit down South. Thanksgiving was good and I got to see my family. My nephew R is getting really big. He's walking now and is into everything. He loves to give high-fives and play with the light switches. He can go to Lowe's and stare at the ceiling fans with lights for an hour.

Dad gave me a huge stack of books to read. I don't know when I'll ever find the time.

It was great to see everyone, especially since I probably won't see them again until summer.

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