Monday, December 3, 2007

Just for Lyndsey!!

Lyndsey S. says I need to update my blog more often. Here it is... a couple of Thanksgiving pix I haven't posted yet. G1 & G2 and my nephew R. My boys really enjoyed chasing a newly-walking 18-month-old around. He loves to open and close doors. We played in the sheds in Sears for about an hour. He really liked closing himself in and then finding us on the outside.
This is my brother Big R and his son Little R. It was good to see my family on Thanksgiving, especially since I won't see them again until next summer.
My dad really kicked my butt walking! He walks for about an hour and a half everyday. I thought I was in pretty good shape. I walked for an hour with him--about 4 miles and was worn out. The weather was nice the first two days we were there in South Carolina--nearly 70 degrees. After that, it was cold and windy. Just like here.
G2 received his Bobcat badge at the Cub Scout Pack Meeting in November. He learned everything pretty quickly. The picture turned out very blurry for some reason. He loves Scouts.
Here is my sister Katie for those of you in 3rd period who couldn't believe I had a 15-year-old sister.


10061lms said...

I love all the names you have for your family member, they're pretty sweet.

11776vlp said...

Sounds like your thanksgiving was very fun. Your family seems pretty sweet I love your names for them. I also think your sister is very pretty.
Hahaha 3rd period is the best, I love it.