Thursday, January 3, 2008

Last FO of 2007

I finished my very cabley mittens on New Year's Eve on the way back from our weekend in Columbus.

DH treated us to a weekend at Easton over the weekend before New Year's. We stayed at the Hilton, which is a big splurge for us. We had fun. The kids got to swim a lot and I got to shop a lot. I bought a couple of new sweaters and a new peacoat. The hotel was nice because it was within walking distance to Easton. We had dinner the first night at Brio and the second night we ordered in from P.F. Chang's, which is DH's favorite. Me, not so much. I'm not crazy about anything I've ever had there.

We also went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was okay.

All in all, it was a good weekend. I took the kids around Columbus and showed them where I used to live and work in high school and college. I showed them different places I remember from when I was growing up.

In the knitting department, I frogged my chevron scarf and have started a ribbed scarf using this pattern. It's turning out very nice. I am definitely more pleased with this pattern. It makes the scarf squishy and more cozy. I want to try to finish my tweedy vest before school starts. However, we still need to take down the Christmas decorations--the most depressing part of Christmas.

Oh and of course I still haven't finished my schoolwork I had planned to get done during vacation. Maybe I'll get that done, too ;)


janna said...

I'm working on those same mittens -- I don't think I've blogged about them yet. They're sort of my 'carry around' project, so I've only been working on them sporadically.

10061lms said...
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11776vlp said...

sounds like you had an awesome break.
i like your mittens.
very cute.

Beatriz said...

Hi Kim - just wanted to make sure you know I'm posting a blogiversary yarn giveaway tomorrow. Dig up your favorite weeknight dinner recipe and you might get some free yarn. Thanks for all your nice comments, btw. And Happy New Year!