Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Eclipse Socks Done!

I finished them yesterday at lunch. I've been able to knit three or four rows after I eat lunch every day. I loooovvvee this pattern. It's by MissJulie from Ravelry. She's working on a pattern for Breaking Dawn now. That'll be an upcoming project for me!

Right now I'm working on brooklyntweed's Habitat hat. This is the most complicated cabling I've ever done. Plus I'm reading the pattern from a chart, which I've only done a handful of times. And those projects were never cabled. Whooeee! It's a toughy. I thought about writing the entire pattern out, but that seemed like too much work, too. If anyone has any chart reading tips, please share.

On the homefront, we went to the Buckeyes-Bobcats game last weekend. It was pretty fun. Our alma mater, Ohio University, was winning until the 4th quarter. It was a good game. For me to enjoy a football game, it had to be good. I'll post pix in my next post.

**Happy Birthday to Bella Swan! (Yes, I know I'm a geek for wishing a fictional character a happy birthday)


Anonymous said...

Your socks turned out great!!! It's on my to do list...*lol* gotta have Twilight Socks for the night I go to see it at the show.

dustinac said...

Love the socks : )