Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Our Easter started early. G2 was up at 3:30 wanting to check if the Easter Bunny had been here yet. I had to convince him to go back to bed. He did..somewhat. He was up again at 5:00. Needless to say that at 1:30, he's now taking a nap. This has been a lazy day for everyone. Everyone except me. I feel like I've gotten a LOT accomplished today.
I'm now blocking my first garment. My first garment!! It feels awesome to say that. Invested is just about finished. I've never really blocked anything before. I never saw the need. For this vest, I measured every piece and pinned it. I'm hoping they will all fit together okay.
I've also taken the time to finish the fringe on my Lady Eleanor. This project has taken a little over nine months and I'm glad to say--LE FIN!! I honestly am tired of looking at this thing. Anyway, I used Noro Kuryeon 170. I do like how it turned out.

And last but not least is the beginning of His/Hers Reversible Scarf from Scarf Style. I'm using doubled Knitpicks Swish in Red Pepper for this project. The pattern is very easy to remember.

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Carolina Lange said...

Great scarve, love the colors!