Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Okay, out of the saddle again

At my house, we keep passing sickness around. This time it's a cough/fever thing. G1 got it first and just like the last round of illness, I caught it from him. Thank goodness we had two snow days for us to recover some. Plus, we have Friday off for an inservice day. We teachers were able to take an online course on Value-Added Learning. If we did that, we would be allowed to skip Friday's inservice. I'm so glad I did it.

I've been working on my Boogie Vest. No pix to post. I have about 15 more rows to go on the back and then I start the front.

I temporarily gave up on the short-row heel sock. I haven't been feeling up to ripping back and trying to put stitches back on the needles.

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