Friday, June 6, 2008

Catching up

***I'm having trouble rearranging these pictures after I upload them for some reason.

The first picture is a deer who was laying by our shed. This pic was taken from our bedroom window about 15 feet away. You can make out the deer to the left of the tree in the foreground. We see lots and I mean LOTS of deer around our house. More so in the winter when they are looking for food. This was a young buck. He had fuzzy little antlers.

I finally feel like I'm making progress in my knitting. I finished the Boogie Vest with Hilde's help last night at Knit Nite (my unofficial name for it). The pic is courtesy of G2, who has trouble holding the camera steady. He did manage to keep my face out of it, which I asked him to do. Hilde did the crochet edging for me. My crochet skills leave something to be desired.
This vest is thick and bulky. I'll have to save it for a really cold day. The only thing I really don't like about it is the neckline. There are like these points at the top of the V. I'd rather those not be there. They might not be so bad if I wear a collared shirt underneath.
Hilde was working on a Guideposts charity sweater and Dustina was working on three projects--her Bird in Hand mittens are gorgeous!!
Next week is Cub Scout day camp. I can't wait!

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