Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We love Edward!

I got my sister Katie hooked on the Twilight books. She's in the middle of New Moon right now. We love Edward so much that we decided to get t-shirts. Cafe Press has a ton of cute shirts for Twilight. Here we are posing with ours.In case you can't read the shirts, here's a closeup:Oh how I wish that was true!!!

Tomorrow we're going on a hike. I have been working on a sock for SOS, just very slowly. Maybe I'll get a couple of shots with it on the hike tomorrow.


Beatriz said...

I love Cafe Press...very cool shirts. I must do more outdoor stuff like hiking and biking this summer. Have fun.

dustinac said...

Very Cute shirts! : )

hedgetoad said...

You'll have to make the pilgrimage to Forks now... do you know they have daily tours? They take you to Bella's house, the police station, high school... even out to La Push (which is gorgeous).

If you want the full rainy experience, come out during Thanksgiving break. It's raining 24/7 then and the ocean is pretty cool to watch.